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Author tim.peters
Date 2002-01-20.19:21:56
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Brad, errno is required by ANSI C, which also defines the 
semantics of a 0 value.  Setting errno to 0, and taking 
errno==0 as meaning "no error", are 100% portable across 
platforms with a standard-conforming C implementation.  If 
this platform doesn't support standard C, I have to 
question whether the core should even try to cater to it:  
the changes needed make no sense to C programmers, so may 
become a maintenance nightmare.

I don't think putting a layer around errno is going to be 
hard to live with, provided that it merely tries to emulate 
standard behavior.  For that reason, setting errno to 0 is 
correct, but inventing a new ClearErrno concept is wrong 
(the latter makes no sense to anyone except its inventor 
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