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Date 2021-02-09.11:41:13
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Content contains triplet definitions for s390 and s390x mainframes. While s390x (Linux on IBM Z) is still widely supported, s390 is not. s390 was released in 1990 and discontinued in 1998,

Ariadne Conill from Alpine pointed out that:

    Linux has not supported booting on traditional 31-bit s390 since
    Linux 4.1 in 2015. If you can't boot s390 (not s390x) with a modern
    kernel, it is absurd to demand that other projects support s390.

I propose to remove check for __s390__ from and configure.

We might also want to remove __alpha__, __hppa__, and __m68k__ at a later point. DEC hasn't been around for a long time.
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