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Date 2021-02-07.20:44:19
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I'm building Python for a mildly-embedded ARM system.  The system is running Linux, but doesn't have a native toolchain installed.  So I'm building in a Docker container using a native toolchain (virtualizing the CPU).

The toolchain I'm given has a bunch of stuff preinstalled, but not "util-linux", so it doesn't have /usr/include/uuid/uuid.h or  /usr/include/uuid.h .  I built and installed it myself in my PREFIX directory.  But Python's build process has *two* bugs that prevented me from building the uuid module:

* configure doesn't look in PREFIX for uuid/uuid.h or uuid.h.  I assume it's only looking in /usr/include.  This means it doesn't define any of the HAVE_UUID_* defines.

* detect_uuid() in, which actually builds the module, *does* seem to check the prefix directory, but only for $PREFIX/uuid.h, not for $PREFIX/uuid/uuid.h.

I hacked both of these manually and was rewarded with the uuid module building and working fine on the embedded system.  So I assert this is a bug in Python's build process, if a minor one.
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