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Date 2021-02-03.13:51:18
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> Ideally, the error would say:

> FileNotFoundError: ./demo: /usr/bin/hugo: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

The kernel simply returns ENOENT on an attempt to execve() a file with non-existing hash-bang interpreter. The same occurs on an attempt to run a dynamically linked ELF executable with INTERP program header containing a non-existing path. And, of course, the same error is returned if the executable file itself doesn't exist, so there is no simple way to distinguish such cases.

Bash simply assumes[1] that if a file contains a hash-bang and the error from execve() is not recognized otherwise, it's a "bad interpreter".

Note that all of the above is completely unrelated to os.posix_spawn(): subprocess or os.execve() would produce the same message.

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