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Hey Terry, thanks for commenting. I have a few questions to ask you, please pardon my lack of awareness.

>This requieres end lines and having it be an attribute is easier and more accurate than recalculating it.

How do you recalculate the end_lineno?

Since all the objects that _start_, have an _end_ too, would `end_lineno=None` make any sense?

I could not make anything out of your third point where you mention `readline` and `readline_ex`. Can you explain that point?

>I posted "What is the pyclbr public API" to pydev asking about this issue.

Can you share the link of your post?

As for my use case, I need the scope of a class and a function in the new tool that I am developing. My tool is to generate a new type of UML diagrams for a given codebase. Do check it out and leave your critical feedback:

I need to know about the scope (start and end) so that I can deduce whether the "used_at" attribute of an object is within a class. This will help me deduce whether a particular class (or a function) uses any imported object. This is to deduce the dependency of a class on other classes and functions.

Currently, I have to edit the pyclbr and make it custom, then, had to Dockerize the whole thing. So, want to contribute to `cpython` so that this feature is present at the source itself.
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