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^ matches not just the beginning of the string. It matches the beginning of a line, i.e. an anchor just after '\n'. If the input string contains '\n', the result cannot be found less than by linear time. If you want to check if the beginning of the string matches a regular expression, it is better to use match(). If you want the check if the whole string matches it, it is better to use fullmatch().

But in some cases you cannot choose what method to use. If you have a set of patterns, and only some of them should be anchored to the start of the string, you have to use search(). And while linear complexity for ^ is expected, search() is not optimized for \A.

So the original report is rejected, the behavior is expected and cannot be changed. It is not a bug. But some optimization can be added for \A, and perhaps the constant multiplier for ^ can be reduced too.
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