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Author JordyZomer
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Date 2021-01-16.08:03:26
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There's a buffer overflow in the PyCArg_repr() function in _ctypes/callproc.c.

The buffer overflow happens due to not checking the length of th sprintf() function on line: 

    case 'd':
        sprintf(buffer, "<cparam '%c' (%f)>",
            self->tag, self->value.d);

Because we control self->value.d we could make it copy _extreme_ values. For example we could make it copy 1e300 which would be a 1 with 300 zero's  to overflow the buffer.

This could potentially cause RCE when a user allows untrusted input in these functions.

A minimal PoC:

>>> from ctypes import *
>>> c_double.from_param(1e300)
*** buffer overflow detected ***: terminated

I recommend __always__ controlling how much you copy so I'd use snprintf with a size argument instead.

Best Regards,

Jordy Zomer
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