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Nice suggestion! I change the argument and I can' find segfault program in transforming ast.Name.  But I do find a segfault program in transforming ast.BinOp!

Seeing the following example, this program will cause a segmentation fault on Python 3.10. No error will be reported during tranforming of node, but Python crashes during compiling the modified AST.

import ast
class RewriteName(ast.NodeTransformer):
    def visit_BinOp(self, node):
        if node.left.value == 1:
            node.left = node
        return node

code = """
mystr  = 1 + (2+3)

myast = ast.parse(code)

transformer = RewriteName()
newast = transformer.visit(myast)

c = compile(newast,'<test>','exec')

I really think we should add a checker before compiling modified ast node or cancel the function of compiling AST object. An illegal AST of a program should not throw into "compile" function directly.
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