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Author karlcow
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Date 2021-01-07.05:55:29
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I'm going through the source currently. 

I see that the test file is using:

class MinidomTest(unittest.TestCase):
    def confirm(self, test, testname = "Test"):
        self.assertTrue(test, testname)

Is there a specific reason to use this form instead of just directly using self.assertEqual or similar forms for new tests or reorganizing some of the tests. 

I see that it is used for example for giving a testname but

    def testAAA(self):
        dom = parseString("<abc/>")
        el = dom.documentElement
        el.setAttribute("spam", "jam2")
        self.confirm(el.toxml() == '<abc spam="jam2"/>', "testAAA")

testAAA is not specifically helping. :)
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