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Author davidmrdavid
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Date 2021-01-06.04:52:50
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Hi folks,
I'd be interested in contributing to this issue, since it seems "easy" enough, but I'm unsure that consensus was reached about the right solution.

From what I gathered from Giampaolo's comments, we have solutions that should work for Unix-y systems and MacOS. So that's clear.

For Windows though, I'm unsure. It appears, we'd need kernel-mode-enabled clients to do this and maybe that's enough to discourage this effort altogether.

So it appears we have 3 options then:
1. Implement a new function that copies ownership in linux+mac but not in Windows. Then to document that difference.
2. Implement a new function that copies ownership in linux+mac, then use the native NT API to achieve the same result in Windows. Document the limitations
3. Just document the existing limitations.

Do we have a preference? I do not, just excited to potentially contribute something :) 

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