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Date 2020-12-27.16:21:35
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"I personally think that being able to compare whether two tkinter variables point to the same Tk variable is very useful so needs to stay in some form." -- I concur.

"However, I don't see any situation where comparing to see if two tkinter variables are the same Python object would be helpful." -- agreed.

"Therefore, while writing 'a.get() == b.get()' isn't too bad, .." -- it isn't. But "a == b" -> False IS, provided that "a.get() == b.get()" is True.

Serhiy, how about:

> class Variable:
>     ...
>     def is_(self, other):  # or maybe "same_as"
>         return self.__class__.__name__ == other.__class__.__name__ \
>             and self._name == other._name
>     def __eq__(self, other):
>         return self.__class__.__name__ == other.__class__.__name__ \
>             and self.get() == other.get()

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