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Date 2020-12-20.20:43:50
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Thanks for your quick feedback!  I signed the CLA after submitting the PR, but I think it takes a bit of time to percolate through the system.

As for the "why", until 3.9.1 conda-forge had been successfully using an external ffi (with 3.9.0 + osx-arm64 patches) and then suddenly it broke.  For the time being conda-forge is using the system ffi, which does have other advantages as well, having all the latest patches.  However, I was curious as to _why_ it broke, and that led me to discover this bug, and it seemed straightforward to fix.  When/if conda-forge will switch back to external ffi is TBD, but if that decision is made this issue (at least) will be taken care of.
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