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Date 2020-12-13.05:17:59
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Hi @Deepanshu. I'm sorry that you are having difficulty with your script.

While we wish to be helpful, it's difficult to troubleshoot whether this is a program issue or a CPython bug. I recommend asking on Stack Overflow or the Python Discourse Users channel (

If after consulting those resources and you still believe this is a bug, please open a new issue with a more complete report which includes:
- a clear, specific title
- a concise sentence of what the bug seems to be
- what is the expected behavior
- what is the actual result
- steps to reproduce the error (or a runnable code snippet to demonstrate the behavior)

Mozilla's documentation has a good section on submitting effective bug reports (

I'm going to close this particular issue. Please do open another issue if needed. Thanks! - Carol

P.S. Josh, a gentle reminder that it's difficult to convey tone in writing. Perhaps adding a "hi" or "hello" at the start of your message would make it friendlier. Thanks for triaging too :D
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