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My environment:
system: MacOS 10.15.x
python: 3.9.0

when I inherit the BaseHTTPRequestHandler class, and call the send_error(error_di, msg) method in my own class's do_GET override function:
the msg argument can't accept unicode string, an UnicodeEncodeError of 'latin-1' encoding error with ordinal call failed of out of range(255).

I tracked the code, and found in the implementation of this class, the data was sent through a encode call with 'latin-1' hard coded in. in the file: near line 507. 
BTW, I tried u'my string'.encode('utf-8'), and it didn't work, another TypeError in module html line 19.

If I commented the original hard code 'latin-1' line and replace with the hard code encoding to 'utf-8', all will be fine.
Thanks for your read anyone who cares or takes care of this issue.
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