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Date 2020-11-28.10:27:45
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I'm having a problem with an application that uses threads and TKinter. Sometimes everything works fine but there are 2 errors that I can't seem to figure out why they are happening. The first error is the GUI completely locking up with no text cursor in the textbox. The second problem is a crash after the input has been entered.
I have created a bare minimum test application that demonstrates the problem. The problems are easily reproducible.
I've attached a simpleteTKinter test application that I created using Page. I've also attached 3 screen captures. 
1. threadTest-OK.jpg is proper behavior
2. threadTest-Hung.jpg shows the unresponsive application
3. threadTest-Exception.jpg shows the exception thrown when input window is closed
It looks like a race condition to me. I've tried putting in delays and using after but I can't seem to work around it. 
Am I doing something wrong here?
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