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Date 2020-11-25.10:39:34
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On 25.11.2020 11:13, STINNER Victor wrote:
> Platform was always a thin wrapper to OS functions. For example, there is no unified API to retrieve OS name and version on Windows, macOS or Linux. You need to pick the proper function. For me, freedesktop_os_release() just follows this trend.

Not really. We have functions per OS, but not functions which only work
on a subset of distros of an OS.

The patch also has other issues:

A text file parse could be a private function in the module,
but it doesn't fit the platform module API spirit.

platform module APIs should return meaningful information and
provide defaults where these cannot be determined. Accordingly,
an API would have to return a tuple (distname, version, id), just
like linux_distribution() did.

Regardless, I don't see the point of opening up this can of
worms again. We settled on moving Linux distribution version detection
out of the stdlib and that was a good decision.

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