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That is the correct output.

Kshitish, Python is a mature language (about 30 years old) used by tens or hundreds of thousands of people every day. Did you believe that you were the only person who noticed that Python cannot even run `if...else` statements correctly?

This is not a help desk for beginners having trouble with their code. There are many places you can ask for help, like Reddit's r/learnpython, or Stackoverflow, or the tutor mailing list:

There are various Python IRC channels or Discuss, if you google you will soon find them. There are thousands of people happy to help you learn. This bug tracker is not the right place.

99.999% for sure, every "bug" you find will be your misunderstanding of the code, not a bug in the language, just like the previous one: #42456 (also not a bug).

Also, please stop posting screen captures. Python code is text, and we don't edit in Photoshop. Copy the relevant text and paste it into your bug reports. Screen captures are inconvenient for us if we have to run your code, and they make it difficult or impossible for blind and visually impaired developers to take part.
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