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'Clockwise' and 'counterclockwise'* refer to an object either continuously spinning on an axis or possibly moving in a circle.  An object in linear motion turns right or left.  This is especially true for an organism or object with left or right sides#, and this is the model for turtle and logo.  Where relevant (such as planer maze theory), I believe same is true in math and physics.

* Counterclockwise and anticlockwise are the American and British terms respectively.  American English is the standard for Python, but using either term would confuse children barely coping with the other.  Either is a mouthful to say.

# Since people on a ship can face any which way, 'starboard' and 'port' are used to unambiguiously refer to the right and left *of the ship*.

Does anyone still object to closing this?

PS Ravi:  When responding to email, please delete the quoted text (except maybe for a line or two) as it is redundant noise when your response is posted.
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