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Date 2020-11-12.21:14:45
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A link here is not a patch.  The current tkinter doc for the cursor option in badly needs updating.
    The standard X cursor names from cursorfont.h can be used, without the XC_ prefix. For example to get a hand cursor (XC_hand2), use the string "hand2". You can also specify a bitmap and mask file of your own. See page 179 of Ousterhout’s book.

The ttk doc is, as noted, incomplete.
"Specifies the mouse cursor to be used for the widget. If set to the empty string (the default), the cursor is inherited for the parent widget."

I propose to replace the tkinter entry with a combined and updated entry.
    The name of the cursor to use when the mouse point is over the widget.  An empty string, the default, means to inherit the cursor from the parent widget or the system. "none" means no cursor.  Other names recognized by tk are listed at  Possible forms of the cross-platform cursors are illustrated at  The cursor hot spot, the point reported for mouse clicks, depends on the cursor.

I may try to reference this, rather than copy it, in the ttk doc.
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