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>> 1. Such understanding of a tutorial is debatable. Tutorial is just a material for learning written with some system in mind, which is more interesting to read than dry reference material. A tutorial, generally dpeaking, may be both for beginners and for professionals.
> OK, I will send this topic to python-dev first.

For the record, there is a long thread in python-dev about this issue:

* main thread:
* another thread:

## High level discussion: focus on new user vs write more and more details.

More detail:
* Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Focus on new user:
* Paul Moore 
* Brett Cannon
* Guido van Rossum
* Kyle Stanley
* Carol Willing
* Serhiy Storchaka

## About this specific case. (Adding __context__ and __suppress_context vs removing __cause__)

Add __context__:
(no one)

Remove __cause__:
* Kyle Stanley
* √Čric Araujo (in GH-23160)

Riccardo Polignieri asked that to be very careful about removing something, but he did not vote for adding __context__ and __supress_context__.


I merged PR-23162 for keep focus on new users and consistent for now.

But I have not closed this issue yet because documentation WG may revisit the issue. (see ).
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