Author jackjansen
Date 2001-11-14.15:13:30
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Here's a new version of the patch. To address your issues
one by one:
- get_line and Py_UniversalNewlineFgets are too difficult to
integrate, at leat,
I don't see how I could do it. The storage management of
get_line gets in the way.

- The global lock comment I don't understand. The
Universal... routines are
replacements for fgets() and fread(), so have nothing to do
with the interpreter lock.

- The logic of all three routines (get_line too) has changed
and I've put comments in.
I hope this addresses some of the points.

- If universal_newline is false for a certain PyFileObject
we now immedeately take
a quick exit via fgets() or fread().

There's also a new test script, that tests some more border
cases (like lines longer
than 100 characters, and a lone CR just before end of file).
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