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Author terry.reedy
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Date 2020-11-03.03:04:57
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Victor, does my test run to completion (without exception) on your Fedora?  If it does, I definitely would not disable astral char display on Fedora.  This version catches exceptions and reports them separately and runs directly with tkinter, in about a second.

tk = True
if tk:
    from tkinter import Tk
    from tkinter.scrolledtext import ScrolledText
    root = Tk()
    text = ScrolledText(root, width=80, height=40)
    def print(txt):
        text.insert('insert', txt+'\n')

errors = []
for i in range(0x10000, 0x40000, 32):
    chars = ''.join(chr(i+j) for j in range(32))
       print(f"{hex(i)} {chars}")
    except Exception as e:
        errors.append(f"{hex(i)} {e}")
for line in errors:
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