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The current 3.9 docs do not describe PyEval_CallObjectWithKeywords, among other PyEval_CallObject* functions.

Yes, I know, these functions are deprecated. But they are still part of the API; they ought to be documented.

Rather, given that they are deprecated, there is more need than ever to document them: The documentation should specify when they have been deprecated, until then they are guaranteed to be supported, and most importantly, how they are to be replaced.

Fulltext search leads me to the 3.9 Changelog that says: »PyEval_CallFunction, PyEval_CallMethod and PyEval_CallObjectWithKeywords are deprecated. Use PyObject_Call() and its variants instead.« This is far not enough. As a maintainer of 3rd-party code with no knowledge of and no interest in the Python C API, I do not want to spend half a day on finding out which variant to use, and how argument lists differ.
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