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> regarding excluding the setsid() case: I was being conservative as I couldn't find a reference of what was and wasn't allowed after vfork.

Yes, there is no list of functions allowed after vfork(), except for the conservative POSIX.1 list consisting only of _exit() and execve(), so we can only take async-signal-safe functions as a first approximation and work from there. Thankfully, on Linux, C libraries don't do anything fancy in most cases. But, for example, it appears that on FreeBSD we wouldn't be able to use sigprocmask()/sigaction()[1]. BTW, commit[2] and the linked review are an interesting reading for anybody who would like to support posix_spawn() and/or vfork() in subprocess on FreeBSD.

> Confirming, in glibc is appears to be a shim for the setsid syscall (based on not finding any code implementing anything special for it) and in uclibc (*much* easier to read) it is clearly just a setsid syscall shim.

I also recommend musl[3] when simplicity (and correctness) is required :)

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