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Date 2020-10-11.07:51:00
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There is PEP 594 (draft), which - when accepted - will remove cgi.FieldStorage

This comes from an idea to relief the burden of maintenance for the maintainers.

Some off-topic comments...

cgi.FieldStorage has quite some unresolved issues, partially open for many years, although there are also some pull requests, waiting for review.

While cgi.FieldStorage is certainly a niche thing, it is used by Zope, by Plone, by webob... 

The latter even has a 250 line compat module to accomodate for current bugs ( ).

If you, Javier, are also a fan of cgi.FieldStorage want to improve the situation with cgi.FieldStorage, maybe you could help reviewing the open issues and the open pull requests for cpython?
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