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Date 2020-10-06.10:55:47
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> FWIW I found another place where a similar thing is done, though by chance it's probably not exploitable - see GH-22575.

I agree that test_ucn is not exploitable, but it would be nice to harden it anyway.

Extract of the code:

            self.assertEqual(unicodedata.lookup(seqname), codepoints)
            with self.assertRaises(SyntaxError):
                self.checkletter(seqname, None)

test_ucn downloads and calls checkletter() on each line, but first it ensures that unicodedata.lookup(seqname) works as expected.

I don't see how it would be possible to inject arbitrary Python code in the 'seqname' variable without making unicodedata.lookup() to fail.
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