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Author ned.deily
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Date 2020-10-05.07:01:02
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For 3.9.0, test_site fails with an env changed warning:

Warning -- urllib.requests._opener was modified by test_site
  Before: None
  After:  <urllib.request.OpenerDirector object at 0xb76f4f88>
test_site failed (env changed)

== Tests result: SUCCESS ==

1 test altered the execution environment:

The problem occurs in test_site's test_license_exists_at_url test and was introduced by the changes in Issue37421: "Some tests leak temporary files".

This failure has not been noticed up to now because test_license_exists_at_url is skipped unless the build being tested is for a released branch, which is about to happen for 3.9 with the 3.9.0 release.  The test failure can be reproduced on any build by commenting out Lib/ lines 503-504:

    @unittest.skipUnless(sys.version_info[3] == 'final',
                         'only for released versions')

Setting to "deferred blocker" status for release manager evaluation.
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