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Hi, thanks for providing a PR. One thing I noticed is that the implementation in the PR yields results of the futures from the generator. This issue proposes a generator that instead yields the futures passed to as_completed. This is needed not just for consistency with concurrent.futures.as_completed, but also to allow associating results with the requests that produced them, which is an important use case for as_completed.

An example of how this is useful is the snippet at which you cannot implement with an as_completed that doesn't yield the original futures. The StackOverflow question at [1] inquires about that issue, and would be easily resolved by yielding the futures as concurrent.futures.as_completed does.

As far as I can tell, the needed change is simple: just yield `f` instead of `f.result()` from `_wait_for_one` when invoked from __anext__. (It must still return f.result() when called from __next__ for backward compatibility.)

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