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Date 2020-09-15.14:19:51
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Okay, so IIRC if we stop forwarding __class__ (add it as an exception to attr_exceptions) it would return us the original dir(), and also solve the inconsistency of the example you gave;

> >>> list.__class__
> <class 'type'>
> >>> list[int].__class__
> <class 'type'>
> >>> type(list)
> <class 'type'>
> >>> type(list[int])
> <class 'types.GenericAlias'>

but the problem is that, it is not 'exactly' complying with the specs at PEP 585. I am aware that we already added some extras to this list ( like __mro_entries__ etc, but __class__ looks like a tricky problem. @gvanrossum any comments?
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