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Date 2020-09-08.11:33:12
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I think this would be very helpful as the only places I can find its deprecation are a small note at the top of the Tix Python docs [] and a news entry a long way down the 3.6 release notes [].

While I agree with @Zachary's comment on #29125 that the injection bug probably would be a reasonable excuse to remove Tix, I believe we should first "properly" deprecate it (I can imagine a few users getting caught out if we remove it without raising a DeprecationWarning in previous versions).

IMO, #31371 should be reopened once this has been merged to facilitate removal in a future version and allow discussion for which version removal should occur in. I also think that we should back-port this to 3.8/9 to give users more notice than they might otherwise get.

@wyz23x2, are you alright to write a patch for this? (I assume no-one has any objections given that Tix is already deprecated)
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