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Date 2020-08-11.12:44:29
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I propose to replace whitelist/blacklist with allowlist/denylist. The terms whitelist and blacklist can be associated to color skins which isn't the intent. To avoid confusion, I propose to use neutral terms: allowlist and denylist. Moreover, as a french person (english is not my first language, but french), "allow" and "deny" are even more explicit to me than "white "and "black".

The intent is to make the Python community more welcoming and more diverse by avoiding to make some people uncomfortable.

Many other projects already replaced whitelist/blacklist with allowlist/denylist:

* GitLab:
* React:
* Mediawiki:
* GitHub:
* Google Chrome:
* etc.

See also:

* Carolyn Stransky's "Humanizing Your Documentation" presentation:
* bpo-34605: "Avoid master/slave terminology"

Attached PRs replace whitelist/blacklist with allowlist/denylist.
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