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> We really need to get this merged since, without it, Python builds fail with the newer versions of ncurses now in most distributions.

That is a bit of an overstatment on my part. What is true is that test_curses fails on 3.9 and 3.8 when run with ncurses 6.1+.  It is also true that the relevant parts of test_curses are often skipped in CI and buildbot runs as described in Issue12669 so a test failure is often not seen.

> Ɓukasz can provide direction about whether and when it should be backported to 3.9 and/or 3.8.

We discussed this and decided that a backport to 3.8 was out-of-scope but a backport in time for 3.9.0 might be OK.  Alas, I had forgotten that other changes have gone into master for 3.10 prior to this merge which complicates a backport to 3.9, enough that we shouldn't be trying to throw this in just prior to 3.9.0rc1.

Thanks everyone for the work on this!
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