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Date 2020-07-02.15:29:21
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If I'm not wrong, this is the commit that introduced the regression.

commit ac46eb4ad6662cf6d771b20d8963658b2186c48c (HEAD -> bpo-xxxxx)
Author: Dino Viehland <>
Date:   Wed Sep 11 10:16:34 2019 -0700

    bpo-38113: Update the Python-ast.c generator to PEP384 (gh-15957)
    Summary: This mostly migrates Python-ast.c to PEP384 and removes all statics from the whole file. This modifies the generator itself that generates the Python-ast.c. It leaves in the usage of _PyObject_LookupAttr even though it's not fully PEP384 compatible (this could always be shimmed in by anyone who needs it).
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