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Date 2020-07-01.16:40:00
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>> Clang 6.0 doesn't support LTO and PGO?
> No, it appears not.

That's really surprising. I see LTO mentioned in LLVM 3.4 changelog for example:

Did you try to build Python with my PR? Which error message do you get? How can I try? I only own a macbook which runs a recent macOS version. Maybe I could try to get clang 6.0 on Linux.

If PGO is not available, just enabling LTO should already make Python faster significantly.

I understand why Python is built on macOS 10.9, and this issue and my PR doesn't change anything about that. I don't request to require newer CPU features or to require newer macOS API or syscall. LTO only changes how Python itself is built.
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