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Synopsis: There are no relevant new features for _decimal, but it would be too much work/error prone to have divergent code in libmpdec-2.5.0 and Python 3.9, especially for the Linux distributions.

I'll release libmpdec-2.5.0/libmpdec++-2.5.0 in a month or so. The standalone lib needs the new versions of mpd_qsqrt() and mpd_qdiv(), because it allows identical result/input args.  This is not needed for _decimal, but the distributions should have the correct version. 

In detail

   - Use Google style guide for header guards and includes.

   - Update mpdecimal.h for C++11.

   - Use minimum set of includes.

   - Whitespace fixes.

   - Add annotations to suppress false positives from static analyzers.

   - Small rewrite in base conversion functions to suppress false positives
     from static analyzers.

   - MSVC: make libmpdec /W4 warning free and replace UNUSED with void casts.

   - MSVC: C++ fixes in vccompat.h.

   - Make a couple of quiet functions safe for being called with a dirty status
     (irrelevant for _decimal and not recommended anyway -- always set the status
      to 0 before calling a quiet function).

   - Add the sqrt/div versions that are already in the Python libmpdec but not
     in the upstream libmpdec.  Also make them safe for identical result/operand
     arguments (irrelevant for _decimal, since Decimals are immutable).

New functions for the upcoming libmpdec++ (unused in _decimal)

  - mpd_qset_string_exact()

  - mpd_qset_i64_exact()

  - mpd_qset_u64_exact()

  - mpd_qcopy_cxx()
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