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Date 2020-05-27.12:41:25
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The behaviour change for range sounds reasonable to me.

Just to make sure I understand the impact of the change:

- For Python < 3.10, we sometimes convert the range inputs to Python ints, and sometimes don't. For example, a start value of `np.int64(5)` would be converted, but a value of `True` would not be.

- With this change, we'd always convert a non-int to an int, so both `np.int64(1)` and `True` would be converted to a `1` of exact type int.

IMO this is fine; the new behaviour seems more consistent than the old.

>>> import numpy as np
>>> start = np.int64(2)
>>> range(start, 5).start is start
>>> start = True
>>> range(start, 5).start is start
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