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Author IrvKalb
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Date 2020-05-20.19:14:33
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Thanks for all the message about this issue.

I have made a three-minute video that demonstrates what I am seeing.  Here is a link (the video is marked as "unlisted" so only people with this link can see it):

To answer your questions:

- Using 3.7 because I'm a heavy user of Pygame, and my understanding is that 3.8 is not compatible with Pygame now
- Yes, this is an absolutely standard installation from
- In all my testing, I have never seen multiple instances of IDLE.  There is only one.

I understand from the comments that this may not fully be an IDLE issue, and may require changes from Apple.  

I appreciate anything you can do to help resolve this issue. I am willing to supply any more information and/or do any testing to help.
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