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Date 2020-05-04.21:34:10
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For the record, I'm quite unhappy that xml.etree.cElementTree was removed without going through a proper active deprecation cycle with plenty of head start. The removal came as a surprise to me -- and I'm a core dev, author of PEP 594 and owner of the defusedxml package. xml.etree.cElementTree module was also never added to PEP 4 and is still not mentioned as removed in PEP 4.

This changeset broke defusedxml, a package with over 10M downloads a month and 57k dependencies on Github. I'm sure that the removal is going to cause more trouble for other packages, too.

In PEP 594 I deliberately included a long deprecation phase for all packages with at least one release deprecation warnings. I gave users plenty of time to plan for removal.
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