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Date 2020-05-03.09:23:22
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OpenSSL 3.0.0-alpha1 was releases about a week ago. OpenSSL 1.1.x APIs are still functional. However some APIs have been deprecated and FIPS (usedforsecurity flag) is no longer functional.

* One shot HMAC() is deprecated and should be replaced with EVP_MAC API calls
* ERR_func_error_string() is deprecated
* OpenSSL has introduced a new concept of crypto providers (OSSL_PROVIDER), library context (OPENSSL_CTX) and additional flags. A new function EVP_MD_fetch() has been introduced.
* FIPS support has been rewritten and is now shipped with OpenSSL 3.0.0. EVP_MD_CTX_FLAG_NON_FIPS_ALLOW is no longer supported. FIPS state is no longer part of EVP_MD_CTX but of EVP_MD.

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