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> I'm not sure of what you mean by "no discussion", this issue has many comments.

Let's say, no consensus. There were three votes cast in this discussion - yours (+1), mine (-1) and Brett's (I'll assume +0 because he made the change, despite saying he didn't want to ;) ).

Meanwhile, *everyone* is impacted, some people very negatively. The rest of the dev team need to know that it was a deliberate change.

> I would be more confident if we could make at least one Windows job mandatory.

Yes, so would I :)

> I don't know how to modify the Windows job to do nothing if it's a documentation change only.

I can do it when I get time, but it's not very high on my list. I suggest looking at the Azure Pipelines definition, kind of like how I looked at the Travis definition to figure it out.

> macOS was already non-voting (optional), no?

Only because you complained about it here :) That was PR 18818
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