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Author vstinner
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Date 2020-04-28.21:37:41
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>  read_boundmethod          27.7 ns	        47.1 ns

Extract of Tools/scripts/

def read_boundmethod(trials=trials, a=A()):
    for t in trials:
        a.m;    a.m;    a.m;    a.m;    a.m
        a.m;    a.m;    a.m;    a.m;    a.m
        a.m;    a.m;    a.m;    a.m;    a.m
        a.m;    a.m;    a.m;    a.m;    a.m
        a.m;    a.m;    a.m;    a.m;    a.m

Which kind of code pattern is impacted by this performance regression, apart this micro-benchmark? Do you notice a significant slowdown in pyperformance?

When pyperformance was run before the change was merged, there was no significant difference:

In bpo-37340, you wrote that sorted(data, key=str.upper) is 70% slower. Would you mind to provide the benchmark?
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