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Author vstinner
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Date 2020-04-24.10:14:59
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Thanks Ed Maste, Conrad Meyer, Kyle Evans and Kubilay Kocak!

I ran a benchmark:

vstinner@freebsd$ env/bin/python -m pyperf command -v -- ./python -c 'import subprocess, sys; args=[sys.executable, "-sS", "-c", "pass"];'

The optimization made subprocess almost 4x faster on FreeBSD!

vstinner@freebsd$ env/bin/python -m pyperf compare_to ref.json closefrom.json 
Mean +- std dev: [ref] 176 ms +- 1 ms -> [closefrom] 46.6 ms +- 1.2 ms: 3.77x faster (-74%)

129 ms were wasted in calling 229 284 times close(fd)!
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