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I'd be +1 to bringing uvloop into the stdlib, it would solve many things while introducing an acceptable dependency in the form of libuv.

However, uvloop itself is written in Cython which makes it impossible for us to directly merge it. So that option is pretty much off the table as rewriting the library is not something we have resources for right now.

Ben, Nathaniel is onto something though. Would it be acceptable for you to *require* use of uvloop when Tornado is used with AsyncIO? That indeed solves the Windows problems, and more. I use uvloop in all asyncio applications I maintain (*except for Black which is tested to work on Windows with the Proactor loop).

For Python 3.9, it is a bit late, but not *too late* yet, to make the Proactor loop support AFD_POLL. Maybe counter-intuitively I would feel better about *that* rather than have a background thread with a SelectorEventLoop.
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