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Author gtk
Date 2001-07-30.06:28:22
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I haven't seen anything in the library reference that 
couldn't be sucked directly out of the source by some 
appropriate combination of formally parseable docstrings 
(PEP-256, PEP-256) and some suitable markup format 
( :) 

As a less mind-bending alternative, the docstring 
processing framework importantly leaves dereferencing links 
to the caller. If you decide on a standard way of 
referencing pages in the manual, module authors will need 
only insert simple links in their docstrings to refer to 
the [externally maintained] documentation:: 

  Please refer to `ftp-objects`_ for more detail. 

... or::

  Please refer to `FTP Objects`_ for more detail. 

  .. _FTP Objects: %(ftp-objects)

... or whatever. 

Someone, tell me I'm nuts. :) 
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