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Date 2020-04-15.13:17:50
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Do I need to open a new issue?

This breaks building _ssl on AIX.

building '_ssl' extension
xlc_r -O -I./Include/internal -I/opt/aixtools/include -I./Include -I. -I/home/aixtools/python/cpython-master/Include -I/home/aixtools/python/cpython-master -c /home/aixtools/python/cpython-master/Modules/_ssl.c -o build/temp.aix-7200-1543-32-3.9-pydebug/home/aixtools/python/cpython-master/Modules/_ssl.o
"/home/aixtools/python/cpython-master/Modules/_ssl_data.h", line 650.28: 1506-045 (S) Undeclared identifier ERR_LIB_ASYNC.
"/home/aixtools/python/cpython-master/Modules/_ssl_data.h", line 1510.29: 1506-045 (S) Undeclared identifier ERR_LIB_CT.
"/home/aixtools/python/cpython-master/Modules/_ssl_data.h", line 2650.24: 1506-045 (S) Undeclared identifier ERR_LIB_KDF.
"/home/aixtools/python/cpython-master/Modules/_ssl.c", line 579.17: 1506-196 (W) Initialization between types "void*" and "struct _object*(*)(struct {...}*)" is not allowed.

commit 909b87d2bb3d6330d39c48e43f7f50f4d086cc41
Author: Benjamin Peterson <>
Date:   Sun Apr 12 13:59:31 2020 -0500

    closes bpo-39953: Generate ifdefs around library code definitions. (GH-19490)

commit 3e0dd3730b5eff7e9ae6fb921aa77cd26efc9e3a
Author: Benjamin Peterson <>
Date:   Sat Apr 11 15:36:12 2020 -0500

    closes bpo-39953: Update OpenSSL error codes table. (GH-19082)

    I updated the error codes using the OpenSSL 1.1.1f source tree.

commit 173ad83b074b3bf0c9e86eb8bd101c2841f74297
Author: Antoine Pitrou <>
Date:   Sun Jan 18 17:39:32 2015 +0100

    Issue #23248: Update ssl error codes from latest OpenSSL git master.

commit f7338f65fb8bdb85c52dc54d06d003a82a06bbb3
Author: Antoine Pitrou <>
Date:   Fri Jun 22 21:12:59 2012 +0200

    Add forgotten files for #14837.
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