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Date 2020-04-02.00:44:08
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Ooooh, I see. I didn't measure the performance of the right header. I re-run a benchmark using the HTTP header (repeat=15):

    header = 'Basic ' + ', ' * 15 + 'A'

Now I see a major performance difference. Comparison between master ("ref") and PR 18284 ("fix"):

Mean +- std dev: [ref] 88.9 ms +- 2.4 ms -> [fix] 17.5 us +- 0.7 us: 5083.23x faster (-100%)

So the worst case is now way faster: more than 5000x faster!

It's even possible to go up to repeat=10**6 characters, it still takes less than 1 seconds: 412 ms +- 19 ms.

On the master branch, repeat=20 already takes around 3 seconds... The slowdown is exponential with repeat increase.
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