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Date 2020-04-01.12:53:13
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I cannot merge a PR until it completes. It re-runs jobs which are already run as GH Actions.

There is another annoying issue with Azure Pipelines. When a job fails randomly for whatever reason, a job cannot be re-run, even if I log in Microsoft Azure.

Usually, the workaround is to close/reopen a PR to re-run all CIs.

Except that for a backport PR created automatically by miss-islington bot, when I close the PR, the bot removes its branch and so the PR cannot be re-open.

Well, the second workaround is to ask the bot to create a new PR backport. That what I did.

I did that for PR 19276 of bpo-40121. It's annoying to have to use *two* workarounds.

On the other side, Travis CI is not currently required, I don't understand why.

Is it possible to make Travis CI required and make Azure Pipelines not required?
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