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Author aeros
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Date 2020-03-31.23:01:07
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I'm currently busy today, but I'll have some time to explore a few different potential solutions tomorrow. If I can't find anything to fix it by the end of the day, I'll prepare a PR to revert PR-19149, and re-apply it later (after more thoroughly testing to ensure it doesn't cause refleaks).

Since I authored the PR, I'd like to take responsibility for addressing the refleak, whether that's reverting the PR or adding a fix on top of it.

Would that be acceptable Victor, or will it need to be reverted sooner than tomorrow? If it needs to be done sooner, I can open a PR to revert it later tonight (in ~4 hours or so, when I'm available to do so). This the first time a patch of mine has introduced a regression, so I wanted to double check that tomorrow was okay.
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