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Date 2020-03-21.20:37:08
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No, the .txt files were the same, when I sent the results.

I send another .txt file to show the different, but the results were
created with the same .txt file for both runs.

Unfortunately, it is forbidden to send .py files.

On Sat, Mar 21, 2020 at 9:05 PM Eric V. Smith <>

> Eric V. Smith <> added the comment:
> I don't see a problem here. Your first file has more lines, so it produces
> more output than the second file. Presumably the difference in output you
> see when you run your program is a result of this. But since we can't see
> the code, we can't know for sure.
> I don't see anything to make me think this is related to what version of
> Windows your program is running under, or that there's a bug in python. So
> I'm going to close this issue. If you can produce a program that
> demonstrates a bug in python, you can provide more details (including the
> full source code) and re-open this issue.
> I suggest you look for help on the python-list mailing list:
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> resolution:  -> not a bug
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> status: open -> closed
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