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Date 2020-03-17.08:32:05
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There seems to be a slight mixup with the built-in pow() function in Python 3.8.2.

Currently, under it says:

	Changed in version 3.9: Allow keyword arguments. Formerly, only positional arguments were supported.
I think this should be into "Changed in version 3.8 ... ", as pow(3,4, mod=5) actually works in Python 3.8.2.

The "What’s New In Python 3.8" also needs to be changed accordingly. 
In it says:

	One use case for this notation is that it allows pure Python functions to fully emulate behaviors of existing C coded functions. For example, the built-in pow() function does not accept keyword arguments:
		def pow(x, y, z=None, /):
			"Emulate the built in pow() function"
			r = x ** y
			return r if z is None else r%z
This example can simply be dropped now.
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